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Adjustable Riser for Straight Handlebar REV-XS, XM, XP
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Adjustable Riser for Straight Handlebar REV-XS, XM, XP


Adjustable Riser for Straight Handlebar REV-XS, XM, XP

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Product Description

  • Instantly modify your handlebar height to adapt to changing riding conditions.
  • Utilize the lower position for trail sit down riding: extend to maximum height in seconds for stand up riding.
  • No tools required to make the adjustment, just flip the lever.
  • Adjustable length: 4.7" to 6.3" (120 mm to 160 mm) high.
  • Patent pending US20150360713A1.


  • MXZ and Renegade with 4.5’’ (115 mm) or 5.1’’ (130 mm) stock riser 2013 and up Requires steering pad (506152541) for MXZ and Renegade X-RS

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