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108-EXP Clutch CLUTCH 108 EXP

108-EXP Clutch

1983 Ski-Doo Blizzard 9700


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Item: 217504A | Dist #: 217504


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Product Description

Designed for more power, more endurance, more of everything you need for speed - and now accept OEM starter rings for electric starters

Tried, tested and built to handle high-horsepower engines

Consistently smooth shifting even after hours of use

Wider rollers for increased bearing area (33% more)

1997 and newer 108-EXP clutches include special recessed mounting bolt with special pilot washer

Each features a bushing in the movable face and redesigned fixed face for increased durability

Uncalibrated clutches are sold without cam arms and spring

NOTE: 108-EXP clutches use the same cam arms and spring as the 108-C.

NOTE: A flush bore depth indicates the taper begins exactly at the inner edge of the fixed face casting.Positive (+) numbers indicate the taper starts the specified distance into the casting; while negative (-)numbers indicate the taper begins in an extension out of the fixed face casting.

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